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What Are the Best Businesses for Hard Times

Al Fin put the question more provocatively: What are the best jobs in an Obama Depression?

What troubles me is how few people have actual survival skills of any type. I have friends that brag because they don’t cook. They don’t clean their houses. They don’t garden. They have never had a pet, let alone livestock. They hate guns, want them banned, and refuse to let their children play with toy guns because that engenders violence. They have no idea how to do basic maintenance on a vehicle because that is what service departments are for. They chauffer the kids to various play dates and lessons and sporting events, some quite expensive, every day after school and work. The weekend is filled with one activity after another, usually sports based, and then they begin anew Monday morning to their jobs which are things like customer service managers and marketing representatives and data analysts.

Now their husbands are losing or have lost their high-paying jobs as their companies are downsizing or closing down completely. Suddenly the wife’s job that paid for the “extras” is buying the groceries and paying the mortgage, the vehicle payments and insurance, and utilities. They can’t make the payments on one salary and are very afraid that their jobs will be gone next.

They don’t know how to do things to save money like fix an engine or do plumbing or electrical repairs around the house. After all, repairs such as carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work is done by people willing to get their hands dirty, not by people that have college degrees and MBAs. Repair a transmission? More of that icky hands on stuff by people that didn’t graduate from a good college.

Many of these people are happy about Obama saying that he’s going to give them all money and take money away from “the rich” to pay for it. I wonder if those “rich” that are supposed to be providing this largesse would be Obama’s cabinet, many of whom were cheating on their taxes before the rates are raised. How about those rich members of Congress and the Senate that are also not paying their taxes? That’s just not going to happen. Taking all the money away from all the wealthy folks, much like has been done in Cuba, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela, to give to “the poor” simply doesn’t work. The rich simply don’t have enough money to fund all those social programs envisioned by the Democrats.

Of course, “the rich” that he’s talking about also includes electrical contractors, dry cleaners, grocery stores, and paint and auto body shops. Who is going to be paying those increased taxes? The people that frequent those businesses.

Obama is going to tax those eeevil power companies for greenhouse gases to raise hundreds of billions (or trillions) of dollars to put into a health care slush fund. Unh hunh. I hope those people with no survival skills will be able to sell off their plasma television sets because the power companies will simply pass the rates on to the consumers. What are the consumers going to do? They have to have electricity, but may not be able to afford to pay the bill. But at least they’ll have free government health care, right?

As a veteran, I also have access to that free government health care. As a last resort I suppose I might use it, but only if my other option were death. It amuses me that people that would turn up their nose at the county health clinic or VA Clinic somehow think that medical care will be better if run by the government. You can’t sue the government for malpractice, and they CAN decide whether you deserve to be treated.

So what is going to happen to those folks whose skills no one wants to buy that have no practical skills that can help them during a down turn? Who live in the city, are unarmed, and defenseless against roving thugs? I hope they don’t have to find out, but I think this new budget is going to be a disaster.

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