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“Domestic Security Missions?” What Does That Mean?

From News4Jax:

HOMESTEAD, Fla. — Florida is preparing for one of its largest National Guard mobilizations in history.

More than 4,000 soldiers will be called to duty in the next few months. Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Ron Tittle said most will be deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, but others could go to domestic security missions.
President Barack Obama is quickly ramping up troop levels in Afghanistan as drawdowns continue in Iraq.

Florida’s National Guard members are leaving just as the Atlantic hurricane season starts. One-third of all troops could be out of the state by next January.

Guard officials insist the state will remain able to respond to emergencies, with 8,000 troops remaining.

I wonder if “domestic security missions” is a euphemism for “we expect rioting in the streets from folks with pitchforks, so we need protection.”


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Rules of the Kitchen

I reiterated the Rules of the Kitchen again to the grandsons today, to wit: Only happy people in happy kitchens can make food. If there are crying, unruly, unhappy people in the kitchen, they will make sad, unhappy food that will taste bad and make our tummies sick.

The boys became happy, smiling boys and not sad, crying, quarreling boys. Our cookies tasted very good. And our tummies were not sick. (Yet.)

SwampMan rolled his eyes at me as I was explaining the Rules of the Kitchen, then asking the boys to count the eggs, count the cups of flour, the cups of sugar, measure, and stir. Of course, quality control was introduced in which they each got to taste a spoon of batter to make sure that the cookies were going to taste good and to ensure that no unhappy feelings might have snuck in and contaminated the food.

“Can you tell I talk just like this all day long?” I asked.

“Yeah. Doesn’t it make you kinda sick to your stomach?”

“Well. At least I don’t have to listen to it!”

“Okay, boys, now what letter makes the sound that cookie starts with?”

I was going to build a “campfire” and let them roast marshmallows tonight after supper, but we have mosquitos out there the size of small airplanes. We might better wait for midday tomorrow.

Morning again! I asked the boys what they wanted for breakfast. The oldest said “Meemaw, I want you to fix frozen rectangles.” Oh, snap. I don’t have the first frozen rectangle. Oatmeal probably ain’t gonna cut it. I suppose I could distract them by crumbling marshmallows and cookies in a cereal bowl. Of course, that would just be wrong.

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A New Day, A House to Destroy

The grandsons have been awake for over two whole hours now, since a bit before 6 a.m. Their initial breakfast of tiny powdered donuts and chocolate milk have worn off, and they have ordered bacon, sausage, and tater tots, which is now cooking. Toys are everywhere! Handprints and noseprints are on the windows.

I am a happy woman this morning!

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Here’s a Question that The American Press Should be Asking

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