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Solar-Assisted Air Conditioning: Costs Twice as Much Installed, Uses Half the Electricity

First Solar-Assisted A/C Unit Installed in Florida.

Might be a good investment. Might not. I’ll just hang back quietly and observe for awhile. I wonder how wind resistant that contraption is?

Update: Aaaargh! Mom just said that she had a new heat pump installed last week; her other heat pump was less than 10 years old. A couple of inexpensive repairs would have set it to rights, no doubt. She said she called to see if we wanted it, but nobody answered the phone, so she had them haul it off to the dump.

*sigh* I told her it was undoubtedly because we were at work. No doubt her heat pump is now repaired and cooling somebody’s house.


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New Flu Continues to Spread

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The new H1N1 influenza virus quickened its spread across the United States, but health officials said on Friday they were encouraged that more people were washing their hands as a result of the outbreak.

States reported 2,500 probable and confirmed cases of the swine flu, acting Centres for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Richard Besser told reporters.

“There are 1,639 confirmed cases in 42 states and the District of Columbia,” Besser said. About 3.5 percent of cases have been sick enough to be admitted to hospitals and health officials say the rate will continue to fall as more screening is done in the community, as opposed to looking at the sickest cases.

The CDC may begin to re-think its strategy on testing suspected cases as it becomes clear the H1N1 swine flu virus is established in various communities, Besser said.

“At some point we are going to reach a point where there are too many samples for states to test,” Besser said. CDC labs, he said, were testing 300 to 400 samples a day from people with the symptoms of swine flu, such as high fever, dry cough and muscle aches and a quick positive test for influenza.

This should become interesting when the flu becomes established in countries where hospitalizing 3.5% of the people that contract it is not an option.

23 positive H1N1 cases in Florida, 1 probable in Duval county.

I suspect that it is widespread throughout our community.

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