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Long Day

I slept in until 5:20 a.m. this morning. I brushed my teeth, ran a brush through my hair, and nuked the lamb bottles. Bottle lamb is in the process of getting weaned and does not like it one teensy little bit. She gets 16 oz. of milk in the morning but her evening feed has been cut to 8 oz. Next week, 12 oz. in the morning, and 8 oz. at night. The week after, 8 oz. and 8 oz. In another week, I’ll cut the evening feed. In a week or two after that, I’ll cut the morning feed. She’ll be 12 or more weeks old at that point.

Did you know that lambs will jump up on you just like a dog that is happy to see you? Did you know that they’ll do it when they are adults, too? Yes, they do! It is wise to *strongly* discourage jumping up behavior, but I just can’t bring myself to smack the baby. When she weighs 150 lbs. and knocks me on my butt, the smacking part will come much, much easier!

Anyway, fed the lamb, checked the new(est) lamb, carried hay to the ewes, checked the dogs’ food and water, threw feed to the chickens and ducks, made sure there was a hose trickling so momma chickens could bring their biddies for a drink instead of drowning them in dog dishes, ran inside, washed the feed off me, changed into cleaned, pressed, non-hay-covered clothing, grabbed my lunch and a PBJ to eat on the way for breakfast, and dashed out the door for work. I stopped at McDonald’s for a sweet tea because I hadn’t even taken the time to grab a glass of milk and I was thirsty from all that dashing around! Then in school, on my feet constantly except for 25 minutes of blessed relief at lunch (which actually works out to 15 to 20 minutes and includes a potty break), then out the door from school, stopping at Wal-Mart to do some grocery shopping, stopping at the feed store for another bale of hay and more horse food, rushing into the house to refrigerate food, got out ingredients for dinner, threw laundry in the washer, ironed clothes for the rest of this week and part of next week, mixed up more formula for the lamb, vaccuumed the house, and was blowing off the driveway when SwampMan came home and complained about being hungry, and could I cook RIGHT NOW. Well, no. I still hadn’t fed the animals, but I showed him the latest stuff coming up in the garden (besides the weeds). Then I put 27 more eggs in the incubator, fed and watered several pens of chicks, fed hens, ducks, horse, rams, bottle lamb, ewes, carried more hay to ewes because the pasture is still so dry, and threw the washed clothes into the dryer. Then inside to cook, eat, relax in front of tv beside Swampman for an hour of conversation before he headed off to bed at 10:15, and then remembering that the cats and dogs were not fed. D’OH! The chicks in the brooder were not fed and watered this evening, either, and the brooder needs cleaning. Now it’s 11:00, time to clean brooder, shower, brush teeth, and fall into bed by midnight to start all over again tomorrow morning somewhere around 5 a.m.

I’m ready for school to be out, even if I will be unemployed!


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