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Pelosi: Liar, Incompetent, or Both?

At Nuke’s place, an important question:

Nancy Pelosi’s meltdown earlier today on national television certainly raised more questions than it answered. In the discussion that followed the previous thread, Swampie asked an important question:

Is Nancy Pelosi lying about the CIA briefings on enhanced interrogation techniques, or is she so dimwitted that she really didn’t understand what was being said in the briefings? I suppose there is a third alternative: she is telling the truth, but I can’t imagine that anyone who watched her performance would come to that conclusion.

Well, I can’t deny that I think she is dimwitted, but I also think that she’s dishonest. So, is she lying to make herself look more stupid than dishonest, and is being stupid something to aspire to in holding political office as a Democrat? The Democrats accused George Bush of being on the left side of the bell curve, but perhaps they were just being envious.

Go to Nuke’s and vote on which you think is more likely.

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Local Chrysler Dealership To Be Closed

From Jacksonville Business Journal:

After a bankruptcy court filing Thursday, Chrysler announced it is eliminating 789 of its 3,191 dealers in the United States, one of which is on the First Coast.

Jack Caruso’s Regency Dodge Inc. on Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville is listed as one of the dealerships to close on the court document released by the Detroit Free Press Web site. The dealership has until May 26 to appeal the motion. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Arthur Gonzalez will hold a hearing June 3.

So there you have it, folks. I don’t know how many additional folks that will throw into unemployment statistics but I expect, overall, the number to be considerable.

And no, I don’t expect a forced partnership with Fiat to “save” the UAW.

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