Apparently Dealerships that Contributed to Republican Candidates Are Being Shut Down

From Gateway Pundit:

More Hope and Change…
** Earlier it was reported that the Obama Administration may have targeted GOP donors in deciding which Chrysler dealerships would have to close their doors.
** Last night it was discovered that a Big Dem Donor Group was allowed to keep all 6 Chrysler dealerships open…. And, their local competitors were eliminated by Obama’s task force.
** The closings also tend to be in “Red” Counties where Obama lost.

Very interesting, although you will have to follow the link to Gateway Pundit in order to read the articles (I didn’t copy the links because I’m not sure how long my internet connection will last).

I thought at the time that it was incredibly stupid to close the dealerships because those were otherwise known as “customers”. I don’t go buy a vehicle directly from the factory; no, I deal with a middleman called a dealership who has the vehicles sitting right there in the showroom and the parking lot. Now we know why.

It sounds as though Obama is out to completely destroy the concept of private property with his pushing the interests of the union over the interests of the people that actually financed the companies. Then it appears that his administration is selectively closing down dealerships that have contributed to Republican candidates. This is not going to have a happy ending, I fear.

In the meantime, I’m out in the real world instead of playing make believe like the Obama administration. In my world, people that overspend their incomes by a huge margin go bankrupt and lose everything. In my world, people that engage in strongarm tactics and extort money from people go to jail. In my world, people will eventually be forced to live within their means.

I’ve put more eggs in the incubator and will radically expand my garden once my job ends in 4 days. I’ve got lots of wool to turn into yarn, flowers to plant, cabinets to paint, and wood to turn into carved items. I want to learn how to paint vehicles and weld better. In other words, while I may feel a little lost at the thought of having *no income* for awhile, I’ll probably get over it pretty soon. I speak fluent barter.

What I do not want to do is pay any more money into a social security system that will be bankrupt before I get to draw any benefits, or pay taxes into a system that is headquartered in D.C.

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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    If you run for office, I’m yours.

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    Heh. Yeah, being without a job with regular hours gives me even more time to be a pain in the ass rabble rouser.

    I think that would look pretty damn good on a resume.

  3. 3

    kcduffy said,

    Was this your last day of work? CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME to a Life Of Leisure (yeah, right).

    I tell people that no matter what it says on my certificate (Navy Wife, Retired), I have a job it is IMPOSSIBLE to retire from – without a divorce, anyway.

  4. 4

    swampie said,

    I still have part of next week so I’m not a lady of leisure just yet!

  5. 5

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