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What’s For Brunch This Morning

I just got back from the store and decided to make a recipe from The Cracker Kitchen, a celebration of the recipes of po’ folks in the South. The book contains variations of several family favorites that show up on my table frequently, so y’all know where I come from.

One in particular struck my eyeballs last night and I decided, knowing that I had to hit the parts store first thing in the morning, that I would whip up the spinach quiche, a delicious melange featuring 4 large beaten eggs, a package of thawed and drained frozen spinach, a 16 oz. container of small curd cottage cheese, chopped green onions, and 2 cups of sharp shredded cheddar cheese baked in a piecrust at 325 for an hour. Doesn’t that sound yummy?

Since I didn’t have green onions, I substituted a handful or so (I have large hands) of chopped yellow onions. I had a leftover tomato half I was afraid would go bad in the fridge, so I chopped that up and tossed it in, too. I believe some finely chopped ham or bacon would be lovely in it as well, but the deep dish pie was overflowing (plus I didn’t have any on hand. Maybe next time.)

That bad boy is baking in the oven, so I’ll go ahead and get a blueberry pie whipped up since the oven is on. Then I’ll let y’all know how the quiche turned out.

Update: The quiche was really good. I think about 8 strips of cooked backon chopped up and mixed in would have made it perfect. On the other hand, SwampMan might have eaten the other half of the quiche as well if it had bacon in it. Gotta think about that one. SwampMan gave it his seal of approval which means that he’d like me to fix it again.

I do not know what I’ve done with my marble rolling pin. I suppose I put it somewhere out of reach so that small boys couldn’t conk themselves in the head (I usually have it on the rolling pin stand on the counter). Or did I put it in one of the outside freezers to chill it for a batch of cookies that I didn’t make? I dunno; I wasn’t able to find it and, rather than waste more time looking for it, I ended up rolling out pie dough on the marble slab under some waxed paper with a big can of Bush’s baked beans. As you can tell, I’m not exactly a stickler for using the right tool for the job. Whatever works is my philosophy.

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Beware the Chinese Counterfeit Cigarettes

Oh, please. Officials should have known THIS was coming. Chinese counterfeit cigarettes cost 20 cents per pack to make and the packaging, including tax stamps, is indistinguisable from the genuine packs. Since the cost per pack is so high now due to taxes, the profit potential is enormous. Expect taxes to fall precipitously as these cigarettes are smuggled in. The profits are as high as the drug trades but the consequences of getting caught are minimal.

Cigarette counterfeiting is immensely lucrative, with profits easily rivaling those of the narcotics trade. While a pack of fake Marlboros costs 20 cents to make in China, it can fetch up to 20 times that amount in the United States. And though a drug trafficker might land a life sentence if caught, a cigarette counterfeiter usually receives a comparative slap on the wrist—a handful of years in jail or possibly a fine.

“In the last few years, pretty much every market has been targeted,” said Andrew Robinson, who directs Philip Morris International’s efforts to protect its brand. In 2001, Chinese manufacturers were producing eight different varieties of counterfeit Marlboros. As of last year, though, Chinese counterfeiters were manufacturing separate versions of Marlboro tailored for some 60 countries—down to the specific details of tax stamps and regional health warnings. As many as 99 percent of counterfeit cigarettes in the United States come from China. Read the rest here.

I can only shake my head in sadness at the gross stupidity of the politicians whose stated aim is to drive a legal product that consumers want to buy out of business and people that make a living with that legal product into unemployment and bankruptcy. I said at the time “are these jokers crazy? The only thing they will do is handicap the people that work inside the law and enable the people that work outside the law. Expect cigarette smuggling to skyrocket.”

So, here you go, dipshits. Glad that you’ve proved that you cannot reason. Even the purported reason for the tax hike (the health of the consumers) is going to take a dive. The real reason, of course, which is extracting higher tax dollars from people that are mostly poor that have no recourse as they don’t have politicians in their pocket, is also going to dive, dive, dive.

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Obama’s Energy Speech

I had to shake my head in disbelief as Obama made his “energy” speech today.

He was all enthusiastic about the changes that windows and light bulbs would make. (Lots of mercury going to be going into landfills there, sport. Not exactly environmentally friendly!)

He completely ignored the fact that industry would be massively relocating to places without the insane carbon trading laws and, in fact, with no pollution laws whatsoever with the end result that there will be MORE carbon output. He wants to destroy the economy further for no good reason and no global savings of CO2 whatsoever.

He didn’t address the report that was suppressed by the EPA that said that the effects of CO2 on climate were far overstated. (In fact, looking at the way climate data has been manipulated in order to give the “correct” results, I’d call the whole CO2 climate change/global warming movement a fraud and a hoax.)

He talked in glowing terms about how this would create millions of new jobs making solar panels that were high paying, etc. Oh, really? Manufacturing requires energy and lots of it. If the manufacturing IS going to be happening here, we won’t be able to afford to pay for the product. He talked about new processes to use less energy that don’t actually exist yet.

Then he used California as a shining example of how all of this works.

Well, I wonder which special interest group has bought and paid for him on this issue.

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Chocolate Chip Muffins, Toddlers, and Freshly Mopped Floors–Oh My

The grandsons are here today while Mommy is at work and Daddy is doing his Guard service. Meemaw thought it would be a great time to whip up some chocolate chip muffins using the miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Jacob whipped up the egg, oil and milk, then stirred it into the flour, sugar, etc. mixture. Then he stirred in the chocolate chips. They both licked the spoon, then Jacob went out to drive the riding lawnmower under Papa’s watchful eyes which allowed the muffins to actually bake since otherwise the boys would want to look at them every 30 seconds to see if they were done yet. I convinced both boys that it would be a good idea to eat those muffins in the kitchen. Soon there were crumbs everywhere and about 25 chocolate chips squished into the clean kitchen floor. *sigh* Could be worse, I suppose. It could have been squished into the carpet!

Update: Little 2-year-old Dylan asked for a paper towel and laboriously cleaned up every squished chocolate chip and some of the crumbs, then proudly announced “all gone!”

The boys are about to go outside to splash in a kiddie pool. Although it is only 18″ deep, I’m going to be sitting with them, closely supervising. There won’t be much in the way of blogging today!

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About that Crap and Trade Bill….

Val Prieto (of Babalu Blog fame) said it best:

I had a list, but nothing on it could compare or even come close to meriting the incredible FUCK THE FUCK OFF that our esteemed Body of Congress led by those bastions of democracy – the Democratic party – deserves today.

For submitting the cAP and Trade legislation and for barring any amendments of the 254 or so that were proposed and for allowing a last minute, 300 page amendment shoved in at 3 am this morning thus not giving anyone anytime to read, digest, study or research same, You, esteemed Democrats in Congress, can royally and wholeheartedly FUCK THE FUCK OFF, you clicque of corrupt, disingenuous, socialist FUCKING MOTHER FUCKING FUCKING FUCKS. you have the lowest FUCKING approval rating ever in the history of this FUCKING country and for good FUCKING REASON, you bunch of thieving, conniving, lying sacks of FUCKING RAT FUCK SHIT MOTHERFUCKING FUCKS. Stop stealing our FUCKING hard earned FUCKING money for your own personal power and stop paying for your little FUCKING PET FUCKING PORK PROJECTS with our FUCKING SWEAT, you FUCKING PARASITIC FUCKLEECHES. You arent FUCKING sailors that have been out at sea for ten years at a FUCKING WHOREHOUSE with fistfulls of FUCKING FIFTIES, you irresponsible FUCKING WANTON SPENDING FUCKING FUCKERS. The United States of America isnt your own personal FUCKING ATM, YOU FUCKING LANDLOCKED FUCKING REMORAS. Each FUCKING dollar you FUCKING waste comes FROM MY FUCKING DINNER TABLE, FROM MY FUCKING SWEAT AND FUCKING HARD WORK. You are single handedly FUCKIMNG DESTROYING THIS FUCKING COUNTRY WITH YOUR LIBERAL FUCKING MOTHERFUCKING AGENDA, YOU FUCKING PSEUDOFUCKINGSTALIN S AND ONCE THE FUCKING DUST SETTLES, you better not POINT ANY FUCKING FINGERS, BECAUSE WE WILL ALL KNOW HO IS, FUCKING EXACTLY, TO FUCKING BLAME, YOU FUCKS. NOW FUCK OFF AND FUCKING DIE LIKE GOOD LITTLE FUCKING PARASITES

That’s a good start, but I don’t think he feels as much outrage as I do.

H/T Armybrat at GCP for bringing this righteous rant to my attention. I’m too busy trying to refrain from going to Washington in person to show our elected representatives how I REALLY feel* to even write about it at the moment.

*Rage at these lying, thieving dipshits that aren’t even reading what they’re voting on. I hope somebody on the Republican side slipped a 300-page addendum into the bill at the last minute requiring all the people that voted FOR the bill to be executed upon passage.

Cost of the bill for the average family: $12,161.50

Better start emptying out those piggy banks, folks.

Here’s the list of the congressmorons that voted for the bill. Act accordingly.

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Tornado in Jacksonville

Close to the Ortega river entrance area at the moment. Take cover, y’all.

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Next Step: Hang Up the Politicians Responsible For This Shit…..

We’re going to be f***in’ broker if that “energy bill” passes. Hand me a ****in’ axe.

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