Preschool Graduation

I attended a preschool graduation last night in which my 5-year-old grandson graduated from the preschool program at his day care center to kindergarten. The “graduation” took place at the elementary school that he will be attending in the fall.

The program took waaaaaay longer than I thought it would. I don’t think it took me as long to graduate from my university! The little people had a couple of dance numbers, demonstrated their ability to count to 100, recognize shapes, and recited the sounds associated with letters. (College graduates don’t actually have to demonstrate their competence with mastery of the curriculum before an audience of the people that paid for the education. Hmmmmm.) They all dressed up in the costumes of their choice for adult life. Interestingly, most of the little boys wanted to be policemen; most of the little girls wanted to be nurses. (Friends all wanted to be in the same job when they grew up.) Oh, sure, there was a monster truck driver, a supermodel, and a doctor represented, but not a teacher or veterinarian in the group! (I told my daughter that I was surprised that her son didn’t stand up and say “when I grow up, I want to kill lots of puppies and kitties, just like my mommy!”) No soldiers or sailors, either, unusual for this area, as many of the daddies and mommies of the children attending this day care ARE soldiers and sailors, some of whom were on deployment.

I’ll post a picture of the cute lil’ graduate later today, if I’m not too exhausted from a shopping expedition with my mom. Look out, Georgia, here we come!

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