More Peddlers Noted On The Roadside

Just in my tiny town I’ve noticed a big increase in roadside peddlers. Everything from boiled peanuts to guinea pigs to BBQ to home-made rap CDs are being sold. We may be unemployed but we are by Gawd working at something.

I need to get back outside and help SwampMan stretch shadecloth across the top of a new dog kennel that is being used as a portable pasture for some laying hens and growing chicks. I wanted to protect them from roving predators long enough for Pup to come to the rescue yet leave them with some freedom to eat grass and bugs so that I’ll get eggs with that brilliant orange-red colored yolk.

My actual egg laying breed chicks won’t be laying for another 10 to 15 weeks. My SwampChicken chicks will lay smaller eggs on practically no feed, a trait that may make them more attractive as the economy continues to crash.

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    kcduffy said,

    I don’t remember if I asked you this before…but will you be selling the eggs? When we bought fresh farm eggs in Montana, the pale yellow yolks were the prize, guess that’s different here. IF you’re going to sell eggs, I WANT SOME! Duffy just re-discovered a place to fish & hang out on the beach (Little Talbot), how is that to you?

    Tired. Don’t know why, haven’t done all that much, but man, do I ache.

    New computer yet or SwampMan’s not busy with his?

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    Heh. My chickens that will lay large brown-shelled eggs are some weeks from laying! I’m catching the small, economy-sized chickens that lay small to medium eggs at the moment. Ugh, pale yellow yolks are the color of supermarket eggs! That’s the color of yolk my hens will lay, too, in a drought or winter when they can’t get fresh greenery.

    Lil’ Talbot is a beautiful place. It is one of those places that I always say I’m going to visit but don’t get around to as often as I would like.

    No computer yet, using SwampMan’s while he’s sleeping. Bwahahahaha.

  3. 3

    kcduffy said,

    When I was a kid in Montana, the dark yolks meant the chickens had been FED something other than chicken feed or yard scratching. They tasted almost tinny. Pale yellow had smoother flavor with no bite to it. Made the BEST soft-boiled eggs. Hey, LOTS of things are different now, on this side of the Mississippi and Missouri. But you let me know, I’ll be there with my own carton to pick ’em up, if necessary, and I’ll take about 4 dozen at a time if possible.

    Naturally, now that we have fishin’ spot and kayak launch points, the weather is gonna be non-drought Florida weather. HA! Driving down to Juniper Springs in a couple weeks, got 2 sets of friends with one new kayak, one new canoe, need to give ’em a wetting down.

    Haven’t been to Little Talbot since Saratoga returned from Gulf War One. Looking forward to it.

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