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Ties With the Past

I was watching The Spirit of St. Louis (starring Jimmy Stewart) while the folks at NASA labored to repair a hydrogen leak on the space shuttle. Interesting juxtaposition, isn’t it?

I was thinking about things like this, how far we’ve come and yet how some things have stayed the same, this afternoon while I was hanging laundry out to dry while the kids played in a swing built by SwampMan. When I was little, I played on a tire swing put up by my grandfather in my grandparents’ yard while Grandma hung out her laundry to dry. ‘Course, she washed hers in a Maytag washing machine with a wringer.

My aunt always used an old-fashioned wringer washing machine long after Grandma abandoned hers for the convenience of a washer and dryer. She felt newfangled washers didn’t get the clothes quite as clean. I have an old wringer washing machine in my garage if I ever feel the need to get the clothes extra clean which I haven’t felt so far. The option remains, however. I DO wash my wool in washtubs and use a (handpowered) wringer to get the excess water out of the wool.

Grandpa cut his grass with a handpowered reel mower and scythe for ditch clearing. I cut my grass with a handpowered reel mower with a scythe for ditches and tough weeds. Mom (and my husband) think I’m nuts. So would my grandmother who was happy, after grandpa died, to use power mowers. Grandpa would probably approve.

*sigh* Unfortunately, I haven’t inherited the green thumb that belonged to my mother and grandmother.

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The Grandsons are Here!

The just-turned 2 year old and just turned 5-year-old grandsons are here for the weekend so that Mommy and Daddy can get a break and maybe actually sleep past the crack of dawn. Meemaw is well acquainted with THAT crack, so here we all are.

Daddy is trying to talk mommy into another baby, a girl this time. Mommy points out that it is just as likely to be another boy and if she has one more burping, farting male in her house that can’t hit the toilet (or the litter box), she will not be responsible for her actions. Mommy has rescued 3 cats, all (now neutered) males, so the only one she has to blame for that is herself.

Breakfast commenced at 6:30 a.m. and is now happily ending since Papa (finally) got up. The little 2-year-old Dylan has been yelling “Paaaaaaapa! Wake up Papa!” since 6:30. Sometimes being hard of hearing (Papa) can be a real asset.

Sooooo, now time to clean up after breakfast. I could use a nap! Dylan wanted marshmallows and chocolate milk but settled for potato crowns with mayonnaise, Jacob wanted potato crowns and bacon with ketchup, Papa wanted ham and grits, and I cooked up some hashbrowns for me. Now all the pots and pans are dirty but the kitchen floor is mostly clear of toys. At one point, I couldn’t take a step without tripping over a boy or a toy.

Unfortunately, I took poor little Dylan outside with me this morning to give a bottle to the lamb (she’s down to one every other day now). He is covered with welts from mosquito bites. He’s begging to go outside but….I’ll have to wait until midday when the mosquitos are a lil’ less thick.

*sigh* Another cup of apple juice just hit the floor, and it is
time to start on the pots, pans, plates and cups. And mop the floor. Again. By the time I’m finished with that (with the inevitable interruptions!) it will be time for lunch, although Jacob wants me to go to the store and pick up hot dogs and marshmallows and cook them over a fire.

Papa walked out and left his fancy-schmancy expensive notebook computer on a coffee table well within the reach of the curious little fingers that destroyed a vacuum cleaner and dishwasher. He has a lot of faith in the eyeballs in the back of my head. I can barely keep his desktop that I’m working on now out of sticky lil’ hands.

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