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Can We Crack the Eggs to See What Color the Baby Chickens Are?

While the boys were here this weekend, three chicks hatched in the incubator. They had been peeping from inside their eggs for a day before they hatched. The boys were so excited and could hardly wait until the eggs cracked open. I had to threaten little bottoms with a swat if I caught them “helping” the chicks by cracking the eggs, for I had eggs from different dates (written on the eggs in permanent marker) and didn’t want the boys cracking open eggs that had two weeks’ incubation to go. Ewwwww.

While gathering eggs from outside, the boys assured me that these were the most beautiful eggs ever. Hunh. I looked at the eggs. They were nondescript, off white and of varying sizes with some stains that indicated which part of the chicken they emerged from.

“Meemaw, what color baby chicken is in this egg?”

I explained to the boys that there isn’t a baby chicken inside the egg.

“Well then, how do baby chickens get inside eggs?”

“If a hen sits on the egg and keeps it very warm for three weeks, 21 days, or if Meemaw keeps the egg warm for three weeks, then a baby chicken will grow inside the egg.”

Blank stares that indicated that they thought that Meemaw was developing some sort of dementia, or maybe it was some sort of adult humor to mess with children.

“So, Meemaw, can I crack this egg and see what color baby chicken is inside?”

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