Dang, I Guess My Property Will Be Searched Next

Per First Coast News:

GLEN ST. MARY, FL — Search teams and divers are actively investigating an area on property belonging to Haleigh Cummings’ maternal grandmother.

About 40 investigators, including the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office dive team and cadaver dogs, are searching a small pond on Marie Griffis’ 30-acre property in Baker County and digging up several areas with a bulldozer.

They’re also looking under trailers and videotaping several areas.

Police tell First Coast News that during recent conversations with family members, they learned the family has many animals buried on the property, including horses and goats.

Investigators say they are just being thorough, and that they would be remiss if they didn’t check the burials to confirm they are animals.

They stress they have no reason to doubt the family’s claim that only animals are buried there, but feel they need to be thorough.

This area was checked already, but it was during the first week of the investigation, and it wasn’t a very thorough search at that time, according to investigators.

Haleigh’s mother, Crystal Sheffield, also lives on that property in Baker County.

This is the first major search effort since police gathered all the search teams together to redefine their focus in the search for Haleigh.

Well, dip me in shit and roll me in cracker crumbs. I have horses, hawgs, dawgs, cats, and sheep buried on my property. I guess, if burying dead livestock makes you suspicious, we should all just let ’em lie where they die, smell be damned.


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  1. 1

    Robert D said,

    WTF is that all about swampie? They can just start digging up your property because you buried an animal, or is there more to the story?

  2. 2

    Robert D said,

    đŸ˜³ Shoulda clicked on that link and read the article before asking stupid questions….

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