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Obama’s Energy Speech

I had to shake my head in disbelief as Obama made his “energy” speech today.

He was all enthusiastic about the changes that windows and light bulbs would make. (Lots of mercury going to be going into landfills there, sport. Not exactly environmentally friendly!)

He completely ignored the fact that industry would be massively relocating to places without the insane carbon trading laws and, in fact, with no pollution laws whatsoever with the end result that there will be MORE carbon output. He wants to destroy the economy further for no good reason and no global savings of CO2 whatsoever.

He didn’t address the report that was suppressed by the EPA that said that the effects of CO2 on climate were far overstated. (In fact, looking at the way climate data has been manipulated in order to give the “correct” results, I’d call the whole CO2 climate change/global warming movement a fraud and a hoax.)

He talked in glowing terms about how this would create millions of new jobs making solar panels that were high paying, etc. Oh, really? Manufacturing requires energy and lots of it. If the manufacturing IS going to be happening here, we won’t be able to afford to pay for the product. He talked about new processes to use less energy that don’t actually exist yet.

Then he used California as a shining example of how all of this works.

Well, I wonder which special interest group has bought and paid for him on this issue.

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