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Cover Me While I Run to the Parts Store!

SwampMan wanted to run to the parts store and get various replacement parts for his almost 20-year-old truck since we are going to be making a long trip this week in areas without cell phone coverage. He whispered “I need to get out of here and I don’t want to take them both with me. Can you keep ’em occupied while I make my escape?”

So, remembering Mommy had mentioned that lil’ Dylan was entranced by the Bollywood offering I posted last week, I called him over and said “watch this!”

Dylan was entranced. Half an hour later, he’s still saying “Play again!”

“Uh, you wanna go outside and swing?”


I peeled him off the computer so we could go outside. He’s crying. Soooo, if he starts saying “Aja aja aja aja aja aja aaaaaaah”, well, I know nothing about it.

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