Obesity NOT a Risk Factor for Death from Flu

Per Bloomberg:

July 29 (Bloomberg) — Being fat doesn’t increase the risk of death from swine flu, according to a U.S. analysis that contradicts initial reports.

About 34 percent of the U.S. population is obese, while 38 percent of patients who died with swine flu had the condition, according to a report presented today at a vaccine conference at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. Extremely obese people make up 6 percent of the population and 7 percent of swine flu deaths.

For the seasonal flu virus that strikes every year, obesity isn’t considered a separate risk factor, and global health authorities were studying a possible link with swine flu complications from anecdotal reports by hospitals. After analyzing the available data, scientists at the CDC today said there was no unique threat for the overweight.

“Obesity should not be considered a new risk factor,” said Anthony Fiore, a CDC researcher. Obese patients may have other conditions that can complicate the flu, and doctors should still consider that when making treatment recommendations, he said.

I didn’t think that the reported risk was valid. News organizations (and people that make their living from fear of fat) have been demonizing the overweight for quite some time, even though the actual studies prove that overweight people live longer, healthier lives than thin people.

There have never been any independent* studies that proved that consuming animal fats was less healthy than consuming vegetable fats, either. *sigh* Or that organic diets were healthier, or raw diets, etc. In fact, independent studies often prove just the opposite.

*Independent study means that the study is not being paid for by the people promulgating that particular diet/lifestyle.

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    kc said,

    I believe this information from you is part of the reason I was convinced to keep your blog on my “must see” list. Thanks again!

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