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I Don’t Believe the Economy is Turning Around Like Obama Said

I saw a little bit of the news conference in which Obama took credit for the stimulus package “turning around” the economy. I was amazed because from what I could see, the economy was continuing to contract as I suspected it would. We have too much debt and that has to be removed before the economy will move forward again.

When an individual or organization has reached their credit limit, they can’t afford shiny new toys without defaulting on some of their payments for their existing obligations.

With that thought in mind, when the government announced they were going to spend another 2 billion dollars to render old cars that run completely useless so that the poor can’t drive them, I could only roll my eyes in amazement. They don’t get it. The consumer is tapped out and cannot afford new taxes. Companies are tapped out and are struggling to stay afloat. There are not going to be new revenues from the taxpayer or taxed companies. They need to start cutting spending, the sooner, the better.

If I am unemployed or underemployed, I still have to have transportation to and from work, or going from place to place looking for work. Do NOT give me any bullshit about using “public transportation”. In most areas, it doesn’t exist. Where it does exist, it doesn’t always follow people’s schedules. Sometimes it is too expensive. The only option for somebody that doesn’t have a lot of cash and no credit but needs a car is a used beater. Those are the cars that are being destroyed by the government for our own good. The government is not, however, providing an alternative transportation for those people that cannot afford/get financing for a new car, just destroying their option for purchasing an old one or, if they already have one and need a part from the junkyard for repair, too damn bad. There won’t be any. The government makes sure that the engines and transmissions are destroyed so that they cannot be parted out. Maybe Nancy Pelosi will give us all a ride to work on her broom when our cars (and trucks) die and we can’t afford a new one because we don’t have jobs.

So, to recap: Obama et al. have decided to give people that can afford the payments on a new car a price break that ALL taxpayers will have to pay for regardless of whether they can afford to buy that new car or even repair their old car. Whatever. Money that will be added onto the HUGE national debt. Sounds like a GREAT use for taxpayer money, especially considering that there isn’t any real money to pay for it.

Ticker Forum has a great post on debt complete with charts. I recommend looking at it carefully, particularly if you think that recovery is occurring now.

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Ain’t Nobody’s Bidness But My Own

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Molly Ban

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Saturday Blues

Here’s Miz Etta Baker playin’ like nobody else:

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17-Foot Python Slithers Onto Grounds of Animal Hospital Where It Was Dispatched with Extreme Prejudice

Staff at the Okeechobee Veterinary Hospital routinely handle large animals. Along with pet dogs and cats, they treat hogs, horses, cows and bulls.

But the enormous critter that slithered uninvited onto the hospital grounds Thursday stunned everyone. It turned out to be one of the biggest Burmese pythons found roaming free in Florida.

The constrictor stretched 17 feet, two inches and measured 26 inches around at its thickest point. It weighed in at a staggering 207 pounds — four pounds more than the Miami Dolphins’ brawny No. 1 draft pick, Vontae Davis.

“It was a complete shock,” said Patty Harvey, a technician at the hospital, which is just north of Lake Okeechobee. “We see huge gators all the time being in Okeechobee, but you would never expect to see a snake this size.”


Florida wildlife managers pointed to the find as the latest, and largest, evidence that the exotic snake, which has settled into the Everglades, is spreading across the state.

“The capture of this large python shows us how well these snakes can thrive in the wild and create a dangerous situation after illegal release or escape,” said Rodney Barreto, chairman of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. “It also illustrates why the FWC is partnering with other agencies to implement python control measures in South Florida.” Read the rest here in the Miami Herald.

I’m not sure that a .22 would be big enough for me. I’d be out there with the 12-gauge shotgun shooting that sucker until the magazine was empty.

And no, I don’t give a damn if somebody thinks they’re nice, cute, playful little strangling pets.

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CDC Warns Health Care Providers to Prepare for Overwhelmed Hospitals and Clinics in the Fall

ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) – The U.S. government on Friday began distributing millions of dollars to help cash-strapped states respond to the H1N1 pandemic amid a deep economic recession that has decimated local health budgets.

“For a pandemic to come in this economy is enormously challenging,” Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said at the National Association of County and City Health Officials annual conference. “If we could have chosen a different time for the H1N1 to come, we would have.”

After Frieden’s speech, a CDC spokesman said $260 million was on its way to the states, part of a $350 million package of federal grants announced on July 10 to help the country prepare for the worst. The remaining $90 million is earmarked for hospitals.

Frieden acknowledged that budget cuts and layoffs had hit the nation’s state and local public health agencies. He encouraged city and county health officials to get busy soliciting volunteers and creating partnerships with local schools, businesses and nursing services to beef up their communities’ ability to manage the pandemic and the mass vaccinations planned for this autumn.

“There is no magic answer to this,” Frieden said.
Health officials were warned during the three-day conference in Orlando to expect hospitals, emergency rooms and clinics to be overwhelmed by sick patients as the flu season begins in the autumn.

Frieden advised the health workers to prepare for the possibility of full intensive care wards and to try to find ways to expand the normal capacity for respiratory therapy.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

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Hitler Finds Out United Breaks Guitars

(Shamelessly stolen from Mike C at GCP)

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Heh. Jill and Kevin’s Divorce!

You’ve seen their wedding, now watch their divorce! I can’t embed it, so watch it here!

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