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Drink the Kool-Aid!

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Green Shoots?

A friend of ours came south on business. He’d stopped overnight to day at a small town near the interstate so that we could visit with him for a couple of hours before he had to be on the road again.

He said his hotel stay was a rather creepy experience. He may have been the only guest at the hotel.

So that he wouldn’t have a repeat of that experience, he made a reservation at a convention center in the middle of the city in south Florida. He was relieved to see two other guests signing in at the desk in front of him. He signed in, received his room number, and went to drive around to his room.

He noticed that there were several buildings to this hotel convention center and they were all empty except the one where he was staying. The parking lot to that building only had a few cars. The only lights showing were on the third floor which is where he was located.

Yep, the economy is on the mend, folks!

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Newly Hatched Duck Now Has “Siblings”

As you may recall, I had a couple of duck eggs in the incubator. One hatched out @ 2 weeks ago and, rather than deal with the forlorn peeping of a duckling bereft of company, I sneaked out at night and stuck him under a momma duck on a nest. She was not happy at my intrusion into her nest and pinched welts all over my skin.

After about a week, one of her duck eggs hatched out. She left the nest with her adopted duckling and hatchling and the remaining two eggs (apparently the rat snake pup had gotten had been dining on duck eggs when mom went for a swim) were abandoned.

A few days ago, one of those abandoned eggs hatched out and forlorn peeping noises filled the house, because ducky didn’t like to be by his or herself in the brooder.

In the meantime, the bantam hens were happily raising two ducklings. Unfortunately, they decided that It Was Time for the ducklings to learn to roost in the rafters of the barn which was a little difficult because the ducklings hadn’t even begun to feather out yet. I had been thinking about trying to capture the ducklings when they had an unfortunate accident.

I had a disabled young rooster (who had been stepped on by a sheep) in a cage on the ground for protection. He was *very* lonely, so I put a young hen in with him who could keep him company without harming him as another young rooster would do. Somehow the ducklings got into their cage no doubt looking for mommy. The hen decided to kill one of them. Its head was a bloody mass, all the down was picked off, and the white of the skull was peeping through. It appeared to be semiconscious. The other duckling was huddled beside it. With a few curse words directed at the hens and the ducklings, I fished them out. The injured one just dangled loosely in my grasp, and I feared he/she was a goner. The other one struggled vigorously to escape and called loudly for momma who had gone to roost in the barn. I took them inside and put them into the brooder with new ducky. I filled the feeder and waterer and left them alone.

The next morning, I expected little scalped ducky to be little dead ducky, but it jumped up vigorously and ran to the back of the brooder when I entered the room to check the feed and water. Today, I can say with certainty that ducky will recover from this injury as it is even more vigorous. New ducky is thrilled to have siblings and the sound of frantic peeping no longer fills the house unless the feeder or water bottle is empty.

There is a lady with three young foster girls and a couple of ponds that has asked me for ducks, because she thinks that kids need something to love and care for. I’ve sent word that I have 3 ducklings that need love and care, so we’ll see if ducklings will each have a new 6-year-old, 7-year-old, and/or 8-year-old mommy.

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