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Democrat Government Officials Piddling Down Their Legs When Faced With Dissent

Heard about unruly mobs making death threats, waving swastikas at “Town Hall Meetings” and scaring the piss out of Democrat representatives to the point that they need union goons to keep out the voters? Well, don’t believe the propaganda (except the pissing down the leg part). Look at the actual protestors and read the words of somebody that was there:

NOTE: I just got off the phone with my family in Arizona. I want to say VERY STRONGLY something I said further down in the post: Feelings were intense at the town hall but from where I was, locked outside, THERE WAS NO VIOLENCE IN TAMPA! I will leave to those who were inside to say what happened there because I have no personal knowledge. On the outside people were angry and they were loud. They were also WELL BEHAVED. I don’t know if reports to the contrary are from people who have an agenda BUT I would emphasize that any talk of violence or riots is far outside of the scope of my personal experience at the meeting.

From time to time people would come outside from the building carrying Obama signs and yell at the crowd. A woman wearing a Obama tee shirt came out and got in to the face of an elderly man standing near me. I’ve got to give him credit, he held his own even when she was literally nose to nose with him. A policeman worked his way over and told her to move on. At another point, a man came to the doorway who had his shirt all but ripped off and bleeding from scratches in his chest. People rushed forward to find out what happened and I ended up so pent in that I couldn’t even raise my arms to get a picture. Despite how he looked, it didn’t appear that he was badly hurt because he was smiling and laughing while talking to the police. He was only a few feet away from me but I couldn’t hear anything he was saying. I have no idea which “side” attacked him.

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