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Dylan woke this morning slightly before 6 a.m. “I want SWING!” he announced. Pointing out that it was dark outside, I took him to the potty and fixed a cup of chocolate milk.

“Would you like some muffins for breakfast?”


“Baby, we have to wait until it gets light outside and Meemaw makes breakfast.”

“I want swiiiiiiing.”

Why am I even trying to reason with a 2-year-old boy? So, we mixed up the muffins. We taste tested the spoon. We sampled some of the chocolate chips strictly for quality control purposes. We made another trip to the potty. Jacob woke up. We spooned the batter into the pan.

“I waaaaaaant swiiiiiiing!”

We’re waiting for the muffins to actually bake. I’ve opened the oven and showed them to him twice to prove to him that the muffins are there. He repeats the “I want swiiiiing” mantra every ten seconds or so.

Jacob tells me “I miss my mommy” which he always does in the early morning. Dylan does not miss Mommy. He informs me he wants swing. Again.

One muffin and several hundred thousand repetitions of “I want swing” later, we’re headed outside.

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