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15-Year-Old Jacks Car, Shoots at Officer

From News4Jax:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — He’s only 15 years old, but a Nassau County teenager is in jail facing charges of carjacking and firing shots at a police officer.

Investigators said the incident started Monday when Derrick Thomas carjacked a car in Nassau County, then led officers on a high-speed chase that ended in Duval County on Dunn Avenue.

Police said Thomas already has quite the rap sheet. In fact, investigators said Thomas’ actions led to a fiery crash in Jacksonville, but they said it all began with the carjacking of a 17-year-old in Nassau County.

They said even when Thomas took his car, the 17-year-old held on for dear life.

“Nobody could believe how that kid was hanging on the side of that vehicle, swerving real bad with a kid on the side of it on the driver’s side, looked like he was losing control of the vehicle,” witness Carl Jones said.

Jones said he followed Thomas in the stolen car all the way down U.S. 1 into Jacksonville for about five miles until Thomas finally crashed into the woods.

“He passed me probably doing over 100 miles per hour,” Jones said. “I stayed behind the vehicle the whole time, and when the vehicle actually wrecked into Duval County there, I pulled in behind it. And the kid who was on the side of it said, ‘Help me! Help me! I’m trying to get my mom’s car back!'”

Police said from that point, the suspect ran into the woods.

Dang, that 17-year-old kid hanging onto the side of that vehicle at 100 mph makes the momma in me shiver because my imagination is just too full of what could have beens.

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So Obama Makes a Speech On Health Care In Front of an Audience Handpicked for Receptivity

Blah blah blah. Obama mouthed platitudes to a handpicked audience, and we’re supposed to be impressed? He says that the healthcare bill is being misrepresented? How the hell would he know? He hasn’t read it. There could be a provision in there for tearing the living hearts out of babies for all he knows.

Of course there isn’t. The Democrats just want to tear the hearts out of handicapped babies.

Right now, insurance companies are rationing care,” Obama told the crowd at Portsmouth High School. “They’re telling you, ‘You can have this procedure but you can’t have that procedure.'” “I want everybody to understand,” he said, “the status quo is not working for you.”

Yeah, but I have options now. If my insurance company won’t cover something, I can appeal. I can sue. There is no suing the government. I or my spouse can change employment and insurance companies. I can’t change insurance companies if there is only one available called the U.S. government. I am eligible for free government health care through the VA now but I choose not to use it because I’m rather fond of living.

Obama, did you know that vehicles are rationed through price? REALLY! I can’t (won’t!) purchase a vehicle that costs $50,000; however, I will buy one after a couple years’ depreciation when it reaches $10,000. I don’t think that should mean that there should be no $50,000 vehicles out there and that all vehicles should cost $10,000. That’s stupid. So is the healthcare plan.

Did you know that (gasp) even clothes are rationed by price? Yep, sadly enough, we can’t all afford $500 tennis shoes to wear while volunteering at homeless shelters like Michelle. Perhaps $500 tennis shoes should be illegal, and we should all wear Keds although even that price is a little too much when I can get great running shoes for less on sale. Maybe it should be illegal to wear flashy shoes if we can’t all have them.

Pictures from (outside) of the Obama meeting of the real people that showed up as opposed to Obama’s bused-in lackeys.

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