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Business Channel Offers Gloom and Doom This Morning

I’ve heard more straight talk about the economic situation this morning on the Fox Business Channel than I have for awhile.

By straight talk, I meant people actually discussing things that I’ve noticed, such as we cannot have a spectacular economic recovery when everybody is flipping burgers or working at Walmart. People noticing how much the container traffic is down at ports. People discussing that whatever the “official” unemployment rate is, double or triple it for the actual unemployment/underemployment rate. People talking about bank failures and the FDIC being tapped out. Addison Wiggin was also on, talking about having unemployment rates above 20% as counted by the government. Now THAT was scary.

Unfortunately, it also took my mind off cleaning my FILTHY house. Dang. Now that SwampMan is back to work and the grandkids will be back in school soon, at least I should be able to have a clean house, but nooooooo. I have to mess it up by getting all concerned about the economy when I already know it sucks because I am unemployed!

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