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The Alhambra Dinner Theater Closes….

Alhambra Dinner Theatre, a Jacksonville institution for more than 40 years, has closed. Tod Booth, owner of the theater and director of most of its shows, said it’s still possible that someone else may come in and revive it.

The theater closed with Sunday night’s final performance of “Forever Plaid.”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Booth said Monday. “But I cannot afford to continue, it’s cost me everything.”

The Alhambra, which opened in 1967, has been bucking a national trend for decades, one that has seen dinner theaters decline across the country since their heyday in the 1970s. No national count of all dinner theaters exists, but Booth said that the number of theaters which use members of the Actor’s Equity union, as the Alhambra had done, has dropped from 146 in 1974 to four today. Read the rest at

It breaks my heart that the Alhambra is closing. I suppose I’m part of the reason that it is shutting down, for we used to go. However, our income has fallen and we, too, had to cut back. No movies, no dinner theater, no expensive restaurants for us. Unfortunately, those places that we used to go will likely no longer be there when/if the economy turns around again.

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