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The Guy That Wrote This Crossword Puzzle is Totally Insensitive

“The guy that wrote this crossword puzzle is totally insensitive”, SwampMan informed me this evening.

“What? Did some sumbitch refer to the War of Northern Aggression as the Civil War again?”

“The clue was ‘Star Wars creature’. The answer was Yoda. YODA isn’t a freakin’ creature, he’s a JEDI KNIGHT.”

“Probably a damnYankee wrote it.”


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I’m Sorry, We Can’t Help You

Our county offers relatively expensive yet pitiful dental insurance; in fact, most people that use it figure that the dentists jack up their fees when somebody uses it. Be that as it may, I ignored dental problems for years because we just could not afford it. There was no money whatsoever in the budget for $5,000+ worth of crowns and various other procedures, and I have a tendency to put myself last anyway because, after all, I’m tough and can take it.

I was happy that a new dentist in town was willing to take my insurance. I heard that he was excellent. I made an appointment and went in for x-rays.

Sometime over the past several years since I had a complete set of dental x-rays, the offices switched from film to digital. Unfortunately, even the smallest sensors for the digital x-rays are rigid and just won’t fit into the spaces that it needs to fit into in my mouth. We tried for over an hour, then he told me that, unfortunately, he could not help me. I would have to find another dentist that takes film x-rays (and my insurance).

Unfortunately, the person that he referred me to (the only one in town with film x-rays) is not accepting new patients at this time and does not take my insurance. Perhaps I could just pay for the damn x-rays; I’ll have to call and ask.

With insurance, the dental procedures that I need will take my entire salary for a year. Without insurance, I suppose I could get one tooth pulled per week but I really wanted to try and keep them and get them fixed.

I couldn’t help it. I started crying right there in the office. I am SO tired of being in pain all of the time.

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