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I’ve felt a bit droopy/tired over the weekend with some stomach upset along with a slight headache. I took my temperature to see if I was ill this morning and my temperature was 96 F. Hunh. Never had a temperature that low before. This evening it was 95.

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Barack Obama’s Downfall

I’m sure y’all know how much I looooove these Hitler thangs. So, here’s another one courtesy of Bonz at GCP.

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And Now For Something Completely Different

This music always makes me happy. Same instruments in each case but oh, what a variety of sound!

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How Is Shopping On Your Side of Town?

Just got back from the Regency shopping center in Jacksonville. We went to purchase one item, a belt for a Craftsman mower from Sears. The place was empty. The parking lot was fairly empty. Are malls a thing of the past? The last time I was at St. John’s Town Center, it was fairly crowded.

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Likely Permanent Reduction in Tax Revenues for States?

Via Instapundit, the coming slashing in state budgets:

In contrast to the national pattern, our per capita state spending has cut, on average, 1.4% each of the past five years. Indiana is now the sixth thriftiest state by this measure. And if we Hoosiers are realizing that we need to re-examine what we can afford to have our government do, what must they be thinking in Albany, Lansing or Trenton?

Truth be told, officials in those cities are probably not thinking about this at all. But they will because state governments will soon have to choose between a major downsizing or consigning themselves to permanent decline. Wishing for an improbably huge boom while chasing your own tail through self-destructive taxes won’t prove much of a strategy.

Unlike the federal government, states cannot deny reality by borrowing without limit. The Obama administration’s “stimulus” package in effect shared the use of Uncle Sam’s printing press for two years. But after that money runs out, the states will be back where they were. Even if Congress goes for a second round of stimulus funding, driven by the political panic of bankrupt Democratic governors, it would only postpone the reckoning.

The time to plan and debate is now. This is a test of our adulthood as a democracy. Washington, as long as our Chinese lenders enable it, can practice denial for a while longer. But for states the real world is about to arrive.

Read the rest here.

If you do not read the rest of the article (and I highly recommend that you do), the gist is that the consumer is tapped out and hence, so are the states. States may be facing a permanent reduction in tax revenues! States that have maintained their state budget on the backs of the rich and businesses are finding out that businesses can move and so can individuals.

If, uh, the tax revenues of the state are facing a long-term decline, what does that mean about the economic prospects of the citizens? What about the economic health of business?

County and city governments in Florida are slashing budgets now, and I know that the carnage will get worse. The states will probably have to take a real hard look at those unfunded mandates passed down by the Feds over the years.

A lot of teaching jobs were “saved” temporarily by the education stimulus funding from the federal government. There are many more job losses to come.

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