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Interesting Labor Day Market Ticker

I happen to agree with him. I do NOT think our government will do the right thing. There are no adults present that are even capable of recognizing the right thing.

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I Watched Obama’s Speech Today

Color me totally unimpressed. Those dang special interest groups!

Actually, there are a LOT of solutions but single payer isn’t one of them. Oooh, oooh! Those horrible insurance companies with the 3% profits!

Uh, he said before that we were being bankrupted by medical costs, so how is all this extra coverage he’s promising going to be paid for? Unh hunh. Even the CBO said this is not going to save a damn thing.

I note that he also lied his ass off about there not being a Republican plan to “fix” health care. There are several Republican plans; however, health care is not government’s business and they shouldn’t be in it. Limit Medicaid and Medicare to those that are already in it, start winnowing out those to the genuinely ill and retired (sorry, voluntary actions like drug addiction doesn’t count), and have a plan to shut it down completely in 15 to 20 years.

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Oh, Boy! Another Czar to Freeload Off the Taxpayer

So, now we have another manufacturing “czar” that is supposed to be doing some sort of work that will include, no doubt, a huge budget and staff (paid for with tax dollars) while Obama is prancing about giving speeches and avoiding actual work once again.

If Obama is soooooo busy going from vacation to vacation (poor baby) that he can’t actually do any of the work that he was elected for, why isn’t HE paying all those czars’ salaries instead of the citizens of the US?

You are not entitled to our money, politicians, you slackass bastards. Every damn one of you needs to be sent to prison for misuse of funds AFTER reimbursing the citizens whose money was stolen. Charlie Rangel sure as hell didn’t get all that money that he forgot to mention through legitimate means.

UPDATE: Oh, Obama’s flying to a picnic. An AFL/CIO picnic. How precious. How much did that pandering cost us?

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Happy Labor Day!

Now go back to sleep.

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