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Three Applebee’s Restaurants Close in Jacksonville

The franchise company that owns all Applebee’s restaurants in the Jacksonville area has closed three of them.

Maureen Jackson, controller for Gator Apple LLC, said the location near Regency Square Mall at 9498 Atlantic Blvd., which had been open since May 1992, closed along with the restaurant at 574 Busch Drive, which had operated since March 1995. A newer location, at 1627 Race Track Road, which had been open since April 2006, also closed.

“Those three were underperforming and we were losing money,” Jackson said. “We do have other Jacksonville locations. It didn’t make sense to keep those open.”

When I shop for gifts for people in different geographic locations, I often give gift cards to bookstores and restaurants so that they can buy themselves expensive indulgences that they couldn’t otherwise justify in the budget. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how many restaurants/bookstores/retail establishments are on the verge of folding, so I suppose we’ll just give things like cash* this year.

*Assuming we have any.

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Throw the Bastards Out!

Everybody that has ever supported ACORN needs to be closely examined because it is a criminal organization and those that are associated with it are criminals. Every political appointee/elected official that hasn’t paid their taxes needs to be dismissed from public office.

If Tim Geithner doesn’t have to pay taxes, neither should anybody else. That isn’t how it works, though. Small businessmen and women that have been hammered by the economy are also getting their few remaining assets and bank accounts seized by the IRS.

Give ’em hell, KD!

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