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Grandson Is Feeling Ill Tonight

*Sigh* I was going to NOT work this fall and be a resource for child care when the little darlings fell ill, but SwampMan was all worried about insurance despite the fact that the only reason I need insurance is to cover the medical expenses for the illnesses that I pick up from work. :eyeroll: Hardly anybody keeps children home when they are sick. If you give the kid enough cough medicine and Tylenol, he won’t run a fever until later on in the day. Yeah, we know that trick along with variations. Thanks for sharing that disease, parents!

SwampDaughter called this evening to tell me that Jacob was fine when she picked him up from school, although he complained of feeling tired. Then at Chick-fil-A , he ate his chicken sandwich but then laid down on the bench instead of playing. When they got home, he said his bones hurt all over, and went and laid down in a dark room of his own initiative. She thinks he might be running a fever but could not locate the thermometer.

Sounds like he may be coming down with the flu to me.

I’m going to call in the early morning to see if he was able to sleep through the night fever free in the hope that he will feel better in the morning, and perhaps he really WAS tired from a hard day at school and then lots of running on the playground after school.

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