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Oh, Dear God, Haven’t Georgians Suffered Enough Already?

MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) – Vice President Joe Biden on Friday pledged the federal government would help Georgia recover from the severe weather that swept through the Southeast, even as rain and the threat of more flooding was forecast for the weekend.

Biden toured the metro Atlanta area by helicopter and saw portions of the city still under water from the deluge earlier this week. At least 11 deaths in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee were blamed on the storms.

“It’s not Katrina in its scope, by any stretch of the imagination, but the impact on their lives, on your lives, we understand it is Katrina,” Biden said.

President Barack Obama was closely monitoring (Editorial comment: Snorting sweet tea up my nose at THAT whopper was rather painful. Read news reports cautiously and with beverages at a safe distance. ) the situation from the G-20 economic summit in Pittsburgh, Biden said. After touring the devastation that washed out roads and highways, the vice president visited residents who have been staying at a Red Cross shelter in Cobb County.

How much punishment do they have to take, anyway? A politician with a fake smile has to pretend that he feels their pain, and they pretend that they wouldn’t rather have had the President send something useful, like dry socks and clean undies.

Of course Joe’s outer appearance of empathy for the little people was just a cover. We all know he was really stealing immortal souls.

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“Why Haven’t We Had a Revolution Yet?”

That was the question posed in the faculty lunch room by teachers that teach the Constitution. “What in the world is the matter with the American people? Can’t they see that the things being done by a power mad government aren’t constitutional and that it is our duty as American citizens to overthrow the leaders and get back to limited government?”

Good questions. I know I’ve begun thinking along those lines myself and, if those conversations are being held in faculty lunchrooms, the time may be sooner than we think. People are furious about the czars, government motors, the health care debacle, Obama’s cabinet officials that are tax cheats, Obama’s ACORN connections, Obama’s radical connections….well, the list just goes on ad infinitum.

I’m going to another protest soon but I’m a little tired of protesting and being ignored. I’m ready to really throw the bastards out.

An interesting (to me, anyway) aside: A woman mentioned that until she moved to the south, she never knew anybody that had served in the military. It just wasn’t something that normal people do. That observation was in response to a suggestion that perhaps it would be good to require people that wished to serve in the government to first serve their country through military service, although useless turds like John Kerry and Al Gore prove that even the military can’t make diamonds outta shit.

Update: Guess I’m not the only one noticing that people are nearly at the stage of grabbing their weapons and goin’ politician huntin’. Wizbang has a (better) commentary on what I’m also observing.

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