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Crank That Kosha Boy

Well, I couldn’t help myself.

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Friday Night Lyle Lovett

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How’s That Improving Economy Going for Y’all? It Sucks Down Here.

While I know that Obama is busily taking credit for “saving” the economy, we haven’t seen any improvement so’s you’d notice. Indeed, a man stopped by this morning that *used* to have a good paying job overseeing construction of several subdivisions. At his particular company, they went to work at 8 a.m. and at 11 a.m., everybody was called in from the field to the main office, told that the company was bankrupt, and given their final checks. He can’t even find a job cutting grass. He takes out a small boat, catches shrimp, and sells them by the pound door to door. He never dreamed that he’d be unable to find another job to support his family. He’s our (SwampMan’s and my) age, too young for retirement, yet too ‘old’ for an entry level job per anybody doing the hiring.

SwampSon stopped by briefly today. His savings are depleted; he’s behind on all his payments and struggling to keep his $600/month child support paid. He had to shut down his business, lay off his employees, and tries to find temporary work wherever he can. As a business owner, he was not eligible for unemployment. The company that he was working with invited everybody in for a dinner at company expense, told them how great everything was and what a great job they were doing, the head guys left, and then they were given their final checks at the door. That’s how they found out that they were laid off. We’ve offered to have him stay with us until he gets back on his feet, but he’s too proud to take our help. He’s luckier than most in that he has a number of skills to draw on ranging from crane operator to high rise master welder to job superintendent to concrete construction.

Ex-daughter-in-law’s electrician husband has had only 10 hours of work for each of the last two weeks. They REALLY need that child support from SwampSon to keep groceries on the table.

SwampDaughter may be getting a 3% pay cut at her job; at the same time, her husband’s work week is being cut to four days per week. With a 23% cut in pay, they still have to pay the same child care costs, same grocery costs, same gas costs, higher utility payments, higher taxes, and mortgage payments.

I don’t see any evidence of the economy getting better, folks.

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