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Silver Star for Navy Seal


Senior Chief Petty Officer Philip Ryan III sounded pretty low key when he called his father in Orange Park a few weeks ago.

What are you doing next Tuesday, Ryan asked his father, himself a Navy veteran. Why, the older man wondered.

Oh, the secretary of the Navy is coming down to give me a Silver Star, replied Ryan, a Navy SEAL who was recently decorated for actions during combat in Afghanistan in 2007.

“He’s just so humble,” said his father, Philip Ryan Jr.

The younger Ryan received the third-highest medal for valor given by the U.S. military for events that happened while he led a SEAL team tracking insurgents in June 2007, according to an unclassified version of the award citation.

“His courageous actions and bold guidance saved lives, disrupted imminent terrorist planning and resulted in the elimination of several enemy combatants,” the citation said.

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Red State Update

Saw it at Instapundit and just had to embed it.

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GM and AutoNation Heads Discuss Business at NOVA

From Miami Herald:

Jackson said the auto industry’s problems began in the same place as everyone else’s: the housing market.

After 2005, the housing industry tried to propel itself by lending money to people who couldn’t repay it, Jackson said. That’s when his dealers started to notice people coming into the showroom fresh from a new-home purchase expecting to get the same easy credit they received with their mortgage. Some left disappointed.

“They would look at us like we were aliens,” Jackson said, adding that their response to credit questions went something like this: “ `I don’t know why I have to tell you where I work or whether I pay my bills on time.’ ”

By 2008, the credit markets had collapsed and car sales went down with them.

So an individual had to produce proof of income to purchase a $20,000 vehicle but not a $500,000 house? How screwed up was that?

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