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Music for After the Feeding is Done

Feeding is done. Laundry is hanging on the line. Yeah, I know, the dryer went out Friday, the part to fix it cost nearly as much as a new dryer so we rushed out to buy a dryer on Saturday and Sunday I have the clothes on the line? It’s a nice sunny day! So far….

SwampMan doesn’t care to have his clothes line dried. He figures it’s a kinda low class redneck thing to do, even though I point out to him that we’re actually being green and saving energy so that Al Gore can use it for his many mansions. He was not impressed.

*sigh* Now it’s time to clean the house. I hate cleaning the house. It just gets all dirty again. I figure that Al Gore ought to maybe chip in to pay for an illegal alien democratic voter to come clean my house on account of having all that dryer energy to make sure his mansions are all comfy, but noooooooo.


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