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Fox Nooz is Annoyin’ To Da Chicago Boys

From the Paco Enterprises blog:

David Axelrod: Ya know, Mr. Emanuel, de more I t’ink about it, de more it seems like Fox Nooz is jus’ a bunch a’ right-wing shills.

Rahm Emanuel: Oh, f****n’ A, Mr. Axelrod! Why, Glenn Beck is pra’tically a Joseph Goobles. An’ dat Krauthammer boid; I’d sure like to give him de Tommy Udo treatment! Still, dey got some hot babes. Now, take dat Spanish skoit, Julie Banderas. How’d ya like to see dat long, black hair splashed over a pillow sometime, ya know? An’ de Scandi broad, Molly whoosis, de one wit’ de blond hair an’ de deep blue eyes like a Norwegian ford. Dem two can interview me in de back seat a’ my limo anytime, if ya know what I mean, no appointment necessary.

Axelrod: Yeh, dere a coupla juicy dames, all right. Dat’s one reason I hate to have to bash Fox Nooz on de talk shows every week. But it’s like it’s our patriotic dooty, see?

Emanuel: Oh, absolutely, Mr. Axelrod. If we hadda knew durin’ de campaign dat dey were goin’ to be dis un-American, we coulda prolly had sump’n woiked out wit’ deir license a long time ago. Now, we gotta play it kinda careful.

Axelrod: Eggzactly, Mr. Emanuel. ‘Course, dere’s a bright side; we still got MSNBC and CNN in our pockets.

Emanuel: Yeh, dat’s true. On de udder hand, who de hell wants to see Chris Matthews’ hair fanned out on a pillow?

Fox Noos might be sleepin’ wit’ da fishes soon.


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