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Getting Fit is Enough to Kill Me

I’ve laid off the exercise for a couple of years since my bad case of plantar fasciitis brought on by, wait for it, too much exercise. So, I took a personal defense course that involved lots of moving, lunging, up and down, and dropping people. No problem, right? After all, I was the oldest and heaviest person there and could not admit that I couldn’t keep up with the younger, skinnier people. So I did. Take THAT, scrawny person!

I have pain everywhere. My bruises have bruises. I got a hepatitis shot today as well, so my right shoulder feels like a cow kicked it, and it wasn’t one of those happy California cows, either.

I think I’ll go ahead and head to bed. I dunno why because I think I’m too tired and sore to sleep. I’ll probably just toss, turn, and groan a lot, thereby annoying SwampMan who is already asleep. Maybe I better stick to the La-Z-Boy or couch tonight.

If I stayed in the den, I won’t have to actually ambulate. My legs are telling me that I better just get a (very) tall bucket because (a) they’re not going to be able to carry me to the bathroom, and (b) good luck bending my knees if I should happen to stagger in there.


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