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Halloween Costume Time!

And for mommy, too!


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Communication Disorder Fixes

My former daughter in law called me Friday evening, fuming. She babysits a little kindergarten boy before and after school whose speech is difficult to understand, but he can speak. He also has difficulty with hand control and cannot master the normal kindergarten skills of forming legible letters, numbers, coloring, or cutting with scissors. He is the youngest child in the family.

His mother is a divorced mother of three who works long hours to support the family. She has no idea about how to help the child speak more clearly. She barely has time to get home, fix dinner, and attend to evening chores.

FDIL was unhappy because the school solution to child’s difficulty speaking was that he should learn sign language.

“WHY DON’T THEY JUST TEACH HIM CHINESE? It would probably be more useful because BILLIONS of people speak Chinese. Unfortunately, none of them live here. So I’ll pick him up after school and ask him about his homework, and he’ll sign to me? How will I know what he’s saying? I don’t sign and neither does his family! Whatever happened to helping children learn to make sounds correctly like they did when I was in school?”

I feel her pain. I’m supposed to be teaching sign language to my little communication-impaired charges even though I am not adept in sign language. I’ve never been to a sign language class. Oh, sure, I know my letters but have to think about them (they do not come automatically). I know a few signs for things like play, stand up, sit down, look at me, I love you, bathroom, various food items, some animals, some colors, and some family members. I’m gradually trying to add words as I remember to look them up (and can remember them).

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Obama Will Be Screwing Up Traffic In Jacksonville Monday.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — President Barack Obama will speak to sailors at Naval Air Station Jacksonville on Monday afternoon on the first stop of a two-day trip to Florida.

The White House announced plants for the president’s Florida visit on Thursday, the day he signed a bill to help veterans get health care.

Obama is scheduled to speak to servicemen and women in a hanger on base at 3:15 p.m. Details of his arrival and departure were not to be made public. His remarks will be carried live on Channel 4 and

After the Jacksonville stop, Obama will head to Miami for a congressional fundraiser and spend the night. He scheduled to visit a solar energy center in Arcadia at midday on Tuesday.

Make your travel plans accordingly if you work in the area.

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