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The Rebuilt Chicken House is Ready for Habitation!

SwampMan and I needed to rebuild the old, uninhabited chicken house. The pastured poultry pens are too big a PITA to have to move daily when it is dark before I finish feeding! The chickens badly needed a fixed location and run for the winter. Well, maybe I need it more than the chickens do!

We started the job last weekend. The siding was in very bad shape and had to be replaced. When we stripped the siding, we found that termites had gotten into some of the old siding, framing, and door. The old wire around the run was rusty and torn. A fairly simple, two-day repair turned into two weekends’ worth.

By late Sunday afternoon, the last of the old siding was being burned, the old litter (now compost) had been shoveled out and spread on the future garden spot, and SwampMan listened to my objections to the old, fixed-in place roosts (because it was impossible to adequately clean underneath them!) and he made hinged roosts that can be raised and lowered to accomodate cleaning. Unfortunately, I was only able to relocate 7 hens before darkness fell.

So, now I have even more pens of chickens to care for than yesterday (D’OH!), a young bred ewe that will probably be dead from pneumonia by morning because I’m all out of oxytetracycline and had to use penicillin, plus I didn’t even notice her illness until she was struggling to breathe and snotting prodigiously because the sheep get fed at dusk and turned out to pasture in the predawn morning (DAMN!)

I have a nasty, hacking cough now from the compost dust of dried chicken droppings, and inhaling the smoke certainly didn’t improve it any!

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