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Friday Afternoon

Friday afternoon after work, I was wandering around slowly peering at my roosters, reaching out occasionally to catch a rooster and look carefully at his color and conformation. I need to add a couple roosters to one of my chickenhouses, so I was looking over the roosters that are on death row, awaiting their transformation into their highest and best use which is chicken and dumplings. I heard shouting off in the distance. I looked towards the gate. SwampMan was attempting to communicate with me, but was being drowned out by the chickens squawking in alarm. (He doesn’t like chickens, and the feeling is mutual.) I started ambling over in his direction. After all, the temp was around 70 degrees, it was an absolutely beautiful day, and it was Friday! Yeehaa! I was in no hurry.

“Say what”, I asked lazily, as I got closer.

“I SAID, I’ll give you $500 if you can be ready to leave in 5 minutes. I want to go to Ricco’s in Callahan before the Friday night crowd arrives!”

Well, okay, then! I dropped the feed buckets, put on shoes without chickenshit on them, and hopped in the truck. While having an excellent dinner would have been motivation enough for me, I have to confess that I collected the $500, too. After all, I was ready in 5 minutes. While it may not be worth it to ME to be ready to go in 5 minutes, it obviously was to him, and who am I to complain about what price he wants to place on it?

*sigh* I wish that I could report that I was going to use it (unexpected windfall) for something that would broaden my horizons instead of my blue jeans. Unfortunately I’m just going to save it to pay for property taxes. Or buy Christmas presents with.

Property taxes or Christmas presents…..hmmmmmm.

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