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Hide the Decline!

Heh. A catchy lil’ tune. Brought to you by Mitchell301 at GCP.

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AGW = A Great Waste (of Taxpayer Money)

I haven’t commented about the “hacked” East Anglia E-mails simply because so many other people have done such a good job of it. Watts Up With That has been all over the fraud involved in the global warming “research” for years, inexorably exposing fraudulent data from miscalibrated/malfunctioning machines that wasn’t even noted by the scientists before he and his readers examined it. Historical climate data was being changed on a frequent basis. A large portion of the weather stations that were providing the “data” were badly located, ignoring all guidelines for accurate readings.

As for my point of view, I’ve stated it over and over. Any organization being funded by taxpayer money that refuses to release its data under the FOIA is hiding something. The government’s refusal to force release of the data (so it could be replicated, which it cannot) smells like a giant payoff from government officials that were salivating to impose draconian tax raises on the people in order to fix a nonexistent problem. Just another control mechanism for the population.

Real scientists aren’t afraid to release their methods so that they can be replicated. If non-government-supported scientists tried to pull off this big a fraud on the public, they would be in jail.

Thanks to RickZ at GCP, here’s Hitler’s take on climate fraud:

AGW is a FRAUD. A very, very big one.

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