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I Was Supposed To Be The Feast

After getting home @ dark, I fed all the livestock, petted everybody that needed petting, took a call from the farrier when I came inside, and sat down to relax at the computer while the dinner that was not turkey was baking in the oven. My arm started aching, a not uncommon malady for somebody that has had a 50th birthday and routinely schlepps heavy objects on a daily basis. It nagged just under my conscious appraisal until finely the pain became so sharp that I took off my jacket and rolled up my sleeve to try to determine what was. It was on the side/underside of my arm down near the elbow, a place that I was having a bit of trouble peering at closely, but it looked to me like there were legs wriggling. Dang, I hate it when that happens! I tried to remove it, but I couldn’t grasp the little bastard firmly enough, so had to request the assistance of SwampMan.

“I’ve got a tick. Can you pull it out?”

“You can’t have a tick, it’s almost December. Lemme see.”

After peering closely and trying to dislodge said critter, he was finally able to yank that little sucker free. Yikes. Just what I needed, a week to ten days’ worth of wondering if I’ve contracted a rickettsial disease although I don’t think it was implanted the requisite 24 hours. Still, I’m left with a painful pink raised nickel-sized wheal with a dark purple blotch in the center. Did y’all know that Florida, particularly the north and central portions, has 70% of the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever cases in the country and with early treatment, 3 to 5% of the cases are fatal? Yeah, me either. So, if you have stomach pain, joint pain, diarrhea, and a mild febrile illness 2 to 14 days after being bitten, contact your physician and let them know your symptoms and that you were the all you can eat buffet for a tick.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope that you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving Day! SwampMan and I will have a quiet Thanksgiving, as all of our family members will be otherwise occupied for the first time ever. (sniff sniff) PARTY TIME! (grin) The stove probably won’t even get turned on today! The Urge To Cook Multiple Things may reach out and strike me without warning, so I must resist. Maybe just two pumpkin pies. Wait. I can’t have pumpkin pies and no pecan pies. (Now STOP THAT! Just think what those pies are going to look like stuffed into a pair of blue jeans!) Rolls…rolls made from scratch. I have the time today…. Helllooooo. Remember SwampMan’s glucose tolerance test? Not pretty! There’s still time to go to the grocery store. I could deep fry a turkey. A little one. And make some yummy dreeeeeeessing…. STOP! Just STOP!

I would be remiss in not mentioning how very grateful I am for my wonderful husband, children, family, friends, and dear readers. I love you all.

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New Kitty?

As I’ve been going about my feeding chores in the evening, I’ve noticed a pair of eyes from the periphery of the pasture reflecting the light from my LED headlamp. The night before last, the eyes were reflecting from underneath weeds in the ram pasture. When I moved nearer, the mystery eyes fled. Very strange behavior for a small mammal like a possum, I decided.

Yesterday when SwampMan and I got home, the horse was nosing a small something around in the dirt that was almost invisible due to the natural fur camouflage. We couldn’t tell WHAT it might be. I went out for further investigation, and it was a young cat. It (cat) hissed at me in warning, and bounded away, but just to the cover of the fence line. I called “kittykittykittykitty” and young, frightened cat turned and looked toward me. AHA! Not a feral cat but a lost cat. The sun was going down, so I went to do my feeding chores.

As I was feeding, I noticed eyes surveying me as I was working. While I was feeding ducks, eyes were against the fence at the back yard. I fed my cantankerous old cats that would kick stray kitty back into the wilderness, and grabbed a can of tuna, approached glaring eyes cautiously, and dumped the can of tuna in front of cat. Cat turned and fled, hissing, to the side of the utility building then stopped, waiting. I picked up smelly tuna in my hands and carried it to kitty. Kitty walked away. I followed kitty, calling, who stopped. I reached out a cautious finger and stroked side of head. Kitty looked at me, and then brought the side of its head closer to my fingers. I sat down and started cautiously petting kitty, who then climbed into my lap, purring loudly. I tried to feed kitty, but all kitty wanted was somebody to pet it, hold it, and tell it what a good and pretty kitty it was.

Soooo, now for Thanksgiving Day, my face is all broken out in an itchy red rash from kitty contact, and my eyes are swollen. Kitty is gone (or hidden) this morning. Will it be back? I dunno. I suspect that as I go about my feeding chores tonight, a pair of eyes will be surveying me from the fence line.

It may never become a part of our household. A feral cat has been living in one of the barns for the last couple of years, having displaced elderly Barn Kitty, who no longer had the vitality and vigor to fight off interlopers, to Porch Kitty. All we see of it is an occasional glimpse of its tail as it climbs into its second story hideaway.

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Hide the Decline!

Heh. A catchy lil’ tune. Brought to you by Mitchell301 at GCP.

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AGW = A Great Waste (of Taxpayer Money)

I haven’t commented about the “hacked” East Anglia E-mails simply because so many other people have done such a good job of it. Watts Up With That has been all over the fraud involved in the global warming “research” for years, inexorably exposing fraudulent data from miscalibrated/malfunctioning machines that wasn’t even noted by the scientists before he and his readers examined it. Historical climate data was being changed on a frequent basis. A large portion of the weather stations that were providing the “data” were badly located, ignoring all guidelines for accurate readings.

As for my point of view, I’ve stated it over and over. Any organization being funded by taxpayer money that refuses to release its data under the FOIA is hiding something. The government’s refusal to force release of the data (so it could be replicated, which it cannot) smells like a giant payoff from government officials that were salivating to impose draconian tax raises on the people in order to fix a nonexistent problem. Just another control mechanism for the population.

Real scientists aren’t afraid to release their methods so that they can be replicated. If non-government-supported scientists tried to pull off this big a fraud on the public, they would be in jail.

Thanks to RickZ at GCP, here’s Hitler’s take on climate fraud:

AGW is a FRAUD. A very, very big one.

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Oh! Okay!

I was in a room outside the bathrooms that separated our classroom from the next in order to read a quiet story to my lil’ Down’s syndrome charge and review his sight words when a person started talking over the intercom.

He quickly jumped behind me and then pulled me down beside him on the mat.

“Ghost!” he mouthed into my ear, barely audible, and pulled me closer. If that ghost was going to be combative, by golly, she would have trouble flying away with both of us.

“It’s not a ghost, it’s like a class telephone”, I attempted to explain.

He glared at me and hissed “GHOST!” Luckily he doesn’t know the word “dumbass”, or I’m sure that would have been used as well. It was certainly implied.

“It isn’t a bad ghost, it’s a very nice lady ghost that lives in our classroom”, I explained.

“Oh! Okay!” And that was the end of that. We went back to our Dr. Seuss book and finished our sight words.

I wonder if all the time that he has been in school, he has been worried about ghosts in the classroom? It was certainly a logical choice to make regarding disembodied voices that seem to be originating from the ceiling.

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Some Questions That Somebody SHOULD Be Asking Obama

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