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Cultural Background?

Daughter was asked to provide, for the Christmas party at the grandson’s kindergarten, food appropriate to her “cultural background”.

WTF? So, she called me to ask me what food would be appropriate to our cultural background. Raccoon, squirrel, or other critters? Latkes? Yellow jacket* soup? Haggis? Gator or deer taken without the purchase of a hunting license which would piss off the state but would be culturally correct? Leg of ram? There are a lot of choices available to Jewish German French Indian English Scottish rednecks Southern Americans.

We finally decided that her culture was take out, and she’ll pick up something chickeny from Chic-Fil-A.

Update: SwampMan says that HIS cultural background would recommend 20 Krystals which are a lot cheaper.

* Who was the first person that saw yellow jackets flying around stinging people and said to herself “I bet them sumbitches are tasty!” If I ever have the opportunity to use a time machine to go back and research history, I wouldn’t waste it on some asshole like Julius Caesar. I’d want to watch that intrepid woman make her culinary discovery and then convince other tribe members to eat it.


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Vitamin C for Bladder Infections

I had had some lower back pain Friday and just a vague feeling of unwellness. Saturday morning, I awoke with a raging bladder infection. My urine was red. I was not a happy camper. SwampMan asked me if I wanted to go to his shop so I could help him cut out parts for Christmas presents for a divorced teacher’s young children; I declined so I could go to an emergency clinic that was open on the weekend. Unfortunately, when I checked my bank balance, it was $1.32*. Yikes. Not enough to cover the co-pay! SwampMan, with the checkbook with “our” money (actually his money) was off working, I was at home with “my” money in my bank account (my two weeks’ salary is usually completely spent within 4 days of pay day, but I had hope that there would be something there.

I had read that massive doses of vitamin C could help with a bladder infection, as could cranberry juice and blueberries. Hmmmm. I had a couple big bottles of chewable vitamin C in 500 mg tablets. I HATE chewable vitamin C. I manned up, however, and chomped my way through 10 thick, nasty tablets. Urrrgh. Then I waited in trepidation for renewed bladder spasms, bloody urine, and pain. It did not come. I was able to get out, to go to the library to return some books, and to stop and commiserate with the neighbors about the economy.

I took additional vitamin C before retiring last night, even though I no longer had sufficient incentive to chew through 10 tablets–I think I got 4 down–I wasn’t in significant pain this morning. I chomped 3 or 4 tablets this morning and then gave up, got out my bigass marble rolling pin, and crushed the rest of the vitamin C tablets and dumped it my (decaffeinated) tea.

Unfortunately, that nasty artificial citrus taste is about the same as the nasty stuff for the bowel prep that I stirred into my tea to make it more palatable. Eeesh. I gotta buy some unflavored powdered vitamin C to keep on hand as soon as I get paid again.

My point, and I do have one, is that if you get a bladder infection on the weekend or, for whatever reason, do not have the funds necessary for a trip to a physician, try the vitamin C and cranberry juice. Blueberries are supposed to be good for bladder infections, too, so bake a blueberry pie purely for medicinal purposes. Eat it all most of it yourself. Your bladder will thank you, and so will your protective fat layer.

*Yes, I know that “hope” is not a valid financial strategy. Unfortunately, I *thought* I had about a $50 cushion because with such a small salary, I keep a running tally in my head. Apparently my head forgot a grocery store run.

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How Religion Should Be

My own personal version of Christianity is a joyous religion.

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Here’s a Christmas Song for Early Sunday Morning

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