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Snow Isn’t Soft and Fluffy Like Sand, It’s Wet and Cold!

That was the lament of a child of a coworker of mine, who had taken her children up north to see actual snow over Christmas break. In Florida, we have textbooks talking about snow in winter, worksheets have pictures of snowmen, but in northeast Florida, we’ve only had 1/4 of an inch of snow 20 years ago. I’ve often wondered how children imagine things like snow that they’ve seen pictures of but have no actual idea what it entails. Now I have my answer.

The child cried with disappointment when faced with the cold reality of snow. Apparently he had been thinking of it as being similar to sand dunes at the beach in winter.

I was at Lake Powell, Arizona a few years ago when a child started screaming and crying when his parents suggested that he go swimming. When questioned as to why, his tearful answer was that he didn’t want alligators to eat him. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t from around there.

I suppose we have some realities that can kill those unfamiliar with our climate as well.


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