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Secure Your Belongings (Or They Will Belong To Somebody Else!)

My former daughter in law called to tell me that somebody had stolen her purse out of her truck at night and cleaned out her bank account and maxed out her credit cards before they even went to bed. She had forgotten it because she was busy getting the three kids into the house. She didn’t discover the theft until the next morning.

Only somebody that has been to her house knows how soundproof that place is and that the family dog is locked in the backyard at night. This was theft by “friend” or neighbor.

This hits home with me because I always leave my purse and keys in the vehicle overnight because it makes it easier for me on the way out the door in the morning. The perps have to go over a chained gate and into the personal space of a *very* protective German Shepherd in order to get to the vehicles, though, and I don’t think they’d make it. Puppy is now over a year old and *very* territorial, and he conscientiously patrols the fence at night. His greeting to his favorite people is leaping into the air and snapping his teeth shut near the throat. (His mommy disapproves of having him jump up and put paws on shoulders with enthusiastic face licking, but I don’t mind the air snap. ) Strangers wouldn’t get the air snap.

If you feel that your house could use some additional security, there are a great number of dogs for adoption at the animal shelter. Daughter said that a mastiff came through last week that weighed more than several of the employees there, and several standard poodles have come through as well. Standard poodles make great guard dogs and don’t get your insurance coverage cancelled!

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I’m Ready to Move to Florida!

Oh, wait, I’m already there. Coulda fooled me from the heavy frost on the yard and pastures this morning!

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