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Only the Good Die Young

A friend of mine, a dear, wonderful lady, suddenly became ill and died, leaving her family and friends bereft. I have just returned from her “Going Home” celebration. Her small church was not big enough to contain all of the people that mourned the premature death of this woman, so her funeral was moved to a larger venue. The larger church was packed.

My friend was never financially successful. She had a low-paying job that she took to raise her children and stayed with it over the years because she loved it. She struggled financially, and it was difficult to raise her family and many nieces and nephews on her salary. What made her so special was the love that manifested itself through everything that she did. She had an endless supply of love for children. She had a wonderful sense of humor. She sparkled with enthusiasm. She was a tireless volunteer for any and all good deeds that her church did. She was a very modest and unassuming woman who would accept no thanks for the things that she did.

I suppose a lot of people would think that she was a nobody based on her financial status, the car she drove, and the job she held. If you count success in life as the number of people whose lives were touched by this woman, the number of people who she helped, the number of children she raised, or the number of real mourners at her funeral, she had a success in life seldom achieved.

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