Safety Inspections Really Suck

Geez. In a concrete block building, our classroom has one rug for circle time, a couple of cloth-covered bulletin boards for color so the room won’t be so damn depressing, and one colorful sheer curtain over the one small window. Those things had to be treated with a flame retardant spray. I, uh, think that if the building is in flames, the flame retardant spray isn’t going to do a helluva lot of good. Really. But knock yourselves out.

We had to have the hand sanitizers on shelves out of reach of the kids and, since no tall shelves were ever actually installed in our bathroom, the hand sanitizer had to go for the day. Ditto the hand soap for the friggin’ bathroom. I suppose the rationale for that is that kids might actually wash their hands by themselves and somehow drink all the soap if left unsupervised in the bathroom? All of our disinfectant wipes for cleaning up classroom snot, vomit, peepee and poop accidents, etc. also had to be taken home for the day. What, the kids are going to sneaky clean the classroom and become exposed to cleaning agents? Do they fear the children will eat the wipes? The kids’ artwork and writing papers had to be taken off the walls because paper stacked on shelves is less of a fire risk. Or something.

I would think that parents would be more concerned about E. coli bacteria (along with cold and flu viruses) being all over doorknobs and desk tops than that their children might deliberately drink soap, but I could be wrong.

Luckily, it is still safe to have toilet paper and paper towels. For now.

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