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Some of My Favorite Songs for a Sunday Afternoon

Of course, this is the personal credo of most southerners, not just mine:

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A Protest In Dance Against the High Speed Train Between Orlando and Tampa

I think they’re singing “we’re gonna stomp this sucker down. You people of means, sitting inside your taxpayer supported high speed train that we cannot afford, we are going to give you a giant headache, so there!”

I suppose, though, that this could just be the result if Nancy Pelosi and her airborne Congressional Kegger were to take the train instead of using the Air Force as a taxicab which would explain why everybody is waking up on the roof. Have you read that? Were you as pissed off as I was that Fancy Nancy is flying family members (as well as other Congresspeople) around (who can afford to pay for their own gawddamned tickets and lunch) and plying them with food and liquor at our expense? That’s right, Miz $25,000 a year secretary, $15,000 a year Walmart employee or $30,000 a year teacher, you are paying Nancy Pelosi’s $1,000 a week airplane liquor bill. Gawd only knows how much the bar tab is in Washington. She only earns $223,500 a year plus the millions she and her husband are worth, so you can’t expect HER to pick up the bar tab, can you?

What do Obama’s high speed rails and Nancy’s Congressional Keggers have in common? More taxpayer subsidies for the wealthy because the po’ folks aren’t able to afford to ride the train even with taxpayer subsidies from those that can’t afford it OR buy expensive liquor.

Personally, I think the government should provide free liquor to EVERY government employee while on the job, not just Congressional assholes. EVERY faculty room throughout the nation could benefit from a liquor cabinet with $1,000 worth of liquor replenished weekly. Think of the children! How much happier they would surely be if the teachers were giggling outside as they burn texts while swigging Jack Daniels and ignoring the kids. For science, we could all find out how well that flame proofing works on the curtains! Woohooo! Here’s my shirt with the school logo! Burn it! Here’s my union magazine with Obama’s picture on the cover again! Throw it in the fire!

Her pilots could probably use a drink or 10, too.

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More Unemployment Blues

I saw one of our former neighbors that was my son’s age and asked him how he was doing. He was telling me that after he had to shut down his business, he went to work for a fabricating company, thought everything was going great until orders slowed way down, and now he’s unemployed. He figures that he’s doing better than most, because his house is paid for as is his old vehicle. He’ll shoot a few deer out of season, do some fishing, and put in a bigass garden, and at least he’ll eat. He knows people (construction workers) living in freakin’ tents poaching deer now.

So, folks, if you thought that WTSHTF you’ll be able to go into the woods and eat Bambi, forget it. Homeless construction workers will have long since made him into venison stew.

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