More Unemployment Blues

I saw one of our former neighbors that was my son’s age and asked him how he was doing. He was telling me that after he had to shut down his business, he went to work for a fabricating company, thought everything was going great until orders slowed way down, and now he’s unemployed. He figures that he’s doing better than most, because his house is paid for as is his old vehicle. He’ll shoot a few deer out of season, do some fishing, and put in a bigass garden, and at least he’ll eat. He knows people (construction workers) living in freakin’ tents poaching deer now.

So, folks, if you thought that WTSHTF you’ll be able to go into the woods and eat Bambi, forget it. Homeless construction workers will have long since made him into venison stew.

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    nuke said,

    I gotta get my eyes checked.
    /I was wondering what a biogas garden was

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