Oral Sex Can Cause Cancer

Well, not the sex, but the nasty little diseases that are picked up along the way. After all, you don’t know where that thang’s been!

DALLAS, Texas — Some dentists are sounding the alarm about oral cancer and young people. The number of cases is way up, and the problem isn’t tobacco.

Dr. Lee Fitzgerald can detect oral cancer lesions with a machine that uses various wave lengths of light. He blames the increase on HPV, a common sexually transmitted virus.

Dr. Fitzgerald is seeing more young people walking in with lesions.

“They need to know that a lot of different behaviors have consequences for becoming infected,” Dr. Fitzgerald said.

The numbers are real: Oral cancer kills one person every hour. If you survive it can be disfiguring.

A study published in the journal “Head And Neck” finds a link between HPV and the increase in cases of a certain oral cancer called nasopharynx. Read the rest here:


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