Odie Is Getting Feebler By the Day

Old Odie is getting feebler by the day. He’s completely deaf and blind now. I’ll find him in the garage, his head pushed into a space that his body is blocked from following, just standing there waiting patiently for somebody to come help him out. He can still find his secret passageways out of the fence but can no longer find his way back in. I keep him on the (screened) porch and in the garage when I’m not home because I fear that he will wander outside the fence and find his way to the street where he’ll be hit by a car he can no longer see or hear.

He is heartbroken that I won’t take him out with me to do all the feeding anymore but he got under the mare’s feet last time and got stepped on. For his own safety, he has to stay behind, yelping with a questioning tone in his voice until I return and he can follow me out to feed the chickens.

What am I going to do when Odie leaves me for good? Probably the same thing I did when my other good boys (and good girls) have left me in the past. Mourn for them and carry their memory with me. There will never be another gentle Odie.

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  1. 1

    Robert D said,

    Really didn’t want my eyes to leak tonight. I know how it feels though….

  2. 2

    Croc Hunter said,

    I’m sorry to hear that swampie.

  3. 4

    kcduffy said,

    I couldn’t even comment last night when I read this. Makes my heart hurt and my eyes leak…

  4. 5

    swampie said,

    Well, over the years we’ve gotten family dogs, the kids have had dogs follow them home, and SwampMan has brought home dogs that he’s gonna take care of (unh huh, that hasn’t happened yet). Odie showed up one day and adopted me, not the kids, not SwampMan. In fact, he would snarl at SwampMan for raising his voice at me (a pretty common occurrence), warn me of rattlesnakes, refused to let males in the yard when I was home alone, and even peed on the former daughter in law. How faithful is that? But now he pees on his bed and relies on me for just about everything.

  5. 8

    no2liberals said,

    I know from our conversations what good friends you and Odie are. Y’all were meant to be best friends for life.
    God Bless him and you.
    I’ve been down the road your traveling, and know how it feels.

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