Magnitude 8.8 Earthquake in Chile

SANTIAGO, Chile (Reuters) – A massive magnitude-8.8 earthquake struck south-central Chile early on Saturday, killing at least 47 people, knocking down buildings and triggering a tsunami.

Lots of big aftershocks for those people that are trapped in collapsed buildings.

A contribution to your chosen charitable agencies that are in that area would be in order.

Per the USGS, this earthquake will be listed in the top ten earthquakes of all time.

•1960 05 22 – Chile – M 9.5
•1964 03 28 – Prince William Sound, Alaska – M 9.2
•2004 12 26 – Sumatra-Andaman Islands – M 9.1
•1952 11 04 – Kamchatka – M 9.0
•1868 08 13 – Arica, Peru (now Chile) – M 9.0
•1700 01 26 – Cascadia Subduction Zone – M 9.0
•1906 01 31 – Off the Coast of Esmeraldas, Ecuador – M 8.8
•1965 02 04 – Rat Islands, Alaska – M 8.7
•1755 11 01 – Lisbon, Portugal – M 8.7
•1730 07 08 – Valparasio, Chile – M 8.7

I wonder how this is going to affect the ongoing eruption at Chaiten (and activity at Llaima) and the visitors/thrillseekers?

Per the Volcanism Blog:

This reminder that Chaitén remains dangerous may have been at least partly provoked by an influx of tourists, both Chilean and foreign, to the area. The officially abandoned town of Chaitén seems to have been playing host to large numbers of visitors. ‘All the [tourist] cabins are open, and other hotels as well. It’s surprising how many gringos are walking the streets’, says one local. Another dismisses the red alert warning as ‘a lie told by the Government … there has been no shaking, and there is nothing stopping people coming’. The pressure group ‘Hijos y Amigos de Chaitén’ (sons and friends of Chaitén) also attacked the Government for issuing the warnings: ‘The situation is completely normal today. There are no tremors, no fumaroles, ONEMI is lying’, says the group’s chairwoman, Rita Gutiérrez. Local councillor Bernardo Riquelme claims that a group of tourists have recently climbed the volcano and encountered neither tremors nor emissions. La Tercera reports that visitors to Chaitén are up by 50% on this time last year: ‘There is no light and no drinking water, but this does not prevent the flow of visitors that has increased in the last few months’.

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