A Shoe Bomb or Just A Giant Misunderstanding?

(CBS/ AP) Law enforcement source says a man is in FBI custody in Denver and authorities are investigating reports that he tried to light his shoe aboard United flight 663 from Washington Reagan National Airport to Denver, reports CBS News correspondent Bob Orr.

Federal officials say they have not yet done explosive testing and cannot yet verify reports that the man had an explosive device in his shoe.

The plane is on the ground and everyone is safe.

The suspects name is Mohammad al Modadi and has a diplomatic passport from Qatar, reports CBS News investigative producer Pia Malbran. Officials said the man is a Qatari diplomat who has been in the United States for years.

Unlike the Christmas Day bomb attempt on an Detroit-bound airliner, officials say it is not immediately clear what the man was trying to do — something harmful like start a fire or explosion, or something as innocent as smoke a cigarette.

Officials insisted Wednesday night it was still too early to tell whether the incident was an attempted act of terrorism or a giant misunderstanding.

I can see how misunderstandings such as these can arise. I know I frequently ignite my footwear while I’m on an airplane. Doesn’t everybody?

/No doubt we’ll soon find that those guilty of tackling somebody whose feet are on fire are racist assaulters.

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