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My Give A Damn is Busted

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — FBI investigators said the man seen in surveillance video outside the Islamic Center of Northeast Florida must have significant knowledge of explosives.

The man is wanted for arson and possibly a hate crime after there was a small explosion at the center Monday night.

Investigators confirmed from their investigation that the explosion was caused by a homemade pipe bomb. They said it was so severe that it sent shrapnel about 100 feet away.

“I think it’s pretty bold for somebody to take a can of gasoline and a pipe bomb and put them together and light it anywhere,” FBI agent Jim Casey said at a news conference Wednesday afternoon. “So I think it’s a pretty serious threat.”

A small explosion at the Islamic Center of Northeast Florida left these char marks on the building’s brick wall.

Investigators said they have obtained physical evidence they hope will lead to the culprit. The brick wall in the back of the Islamic Center on St. Johns Bluff Road is charred several feet high, and the explosive device appeared to go off in a hole at the bottom of the wall. The damage was estimated to be about $500-$600.

The man who caused the explosion could face domestic terrorism and church arson charges, which carry a sentence ranging from 10 years in prison to life in prison.

“He should be prosecuted so none of those things happen, not at just this house of worship but any house of worship,” said Muhammed Mansoori, a member of the Islamic Center said.

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Every mosque needs 24/7 FBI and DHS surveillance to keep terrorist activities to a minimum. JMO.


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